Tuba’s food melds the best of all Turkish cultures. Inspired by Romanesque Mediterranean villas, and influenced by the myriad peoples who settled in that wondrous part of the world, Tuba is a delightful mix of exotic cultures, inspired in the homes, hearths and taverns of the rugged land of Turkey.

Tuba Meze Plate

a taste of all of the cold mezes

Walnut Dip

Walnuts, Turkish red pepper paste, tomato paste, fresh garlic, olive oil, and cumin

Bean Salad

White beans, onions, tomatoes, parsley, black olives, wine vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil

Haydari (Yogurt Dip)

Cucumbers, mint and dill with creamy thick garlic yogurt

Stuffed Kofte

Bulgur stuffed with spicy ground beef with crushed walnuts, pan-fried, served with garlic yogurt

Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplant, stuffed with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, and chopped parsley and then baked / rice and salad

Sultans Delight

Pureed eggplant with mozzarella cheese and garlic, topped with leg of lamb chunks in red sauce

Baked Salmon

Salmon baked and topped with spinach fume sauce / rice and salad

Rolled Beyti Kebab

Adana kebab wrapped in lavaş bread, broiled topped with homemade tomato and garlic yogurt sauce

Adana Kebab

Skewered spicy ground beef with lamb mixed with green and red bell peppers, our special seasonings

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If you have never been to a Turkish restaurant - first, you are missing out on an entire culture of food, but second you have to go to Tuba!

Alan P. Customer

The service was great! Our waitress cared to explain which appetizers were popular and we were given new plates in between the appetizer/entree meals. I would definitely dine here again and/or highly recommend it to others.

Sheila P. Customer

Free bread is served with a few small dips, and we ordered the falafel with hummus as an app. it was still pretty good! I ordered the Tavuk Sis and thought the chicken was juicy and flavorful - comes with rice, some veggies, and a yogurt sauce. For dessert, we got kenafe and I definitely recommend, amazing!!

Farrah A. Customer